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Content Writer ~ Editor ~ Word Sculptor ~ Writer's Muse

Ghostwriter: noun.  One who writes for and gives credit of authorship to another

Who is The Gifted Ghostwriter ~ Eagle Eye Editor?

In a 38 year career spanning including: Health Sales, Marketing, & Events;  Hospitality; Wedding & Banquet Event Planning; Education; Holistic Consulting:, Print Editing; Ghostwriting; Inspired Life Guidance; and Access Consciousness, the common thread in Jan's work has always been writing, an eagle eye for detail, effective languaging, and an innate desire to connect, inspire, elevate, and create authentic transformation.

To share and teach her areas of expertise, Jan has been a featured Speaker and Guest on: KUCI Radio; ‘Choices 4 Women’ Podcast; ‘What Is Your Holistic Lifestyle?’ Radio; ‘Free Your Spirit Tina Talk For Women’; ‘Business Marketing Made Simple’ Seminar; ‘Business Recovery is Self Discovery ~ You are Here to Blossom!’ Seminar; ‘Who Are You?’ Holistic Chamber of Commerce Seminar; ‘Being Authentic’ Holistic Chamber of Commerce Panel; ‘Being Authentic’ Nedalee Podcast; ‘HOLOS’ One Day Retreat; ‘Prosperity 2013’ Seminar; ‘Lyceum Live’ Talk; People Growers Corporate Marketing Workshop; ‘Master of My Dreams Holistic Master Mind’; Orange County Corporate Lunch Talks; and Top 12 Nominee in 2012 Collaborative Orange County Business Leader Awards.  

A conscious and intuitively-inspired entrepreneur, Jan has always been on the path of personal transformation.  From 2009 through 2021, this expanded consciousness  helped her career and inspired leadership blossom into creations that included: Host-Writer of Holistic Source Radio; Creator of Partners In Believing and Master of My Dreams Master Mind; Owner-Consultant of One Source Wellness Events & Consulting; Founder-Past President of The Holistic Chamber of Commerce Orange County Chapter; Creator-Writer of The Gifted Ghostwriter-Eagle Eye Editor; Creator-Guide of Inspired Life Guide;  Creator-Host of Permission To Come Alive; Creator-Guide of FLOW Circles. For Women; Facilitator of Access Consciousness, and Ordained Minister-Officiant ofWeddings & Events..

Dr. Gladys Taylor McGarey, 

Mother of Holistic Medicine

Jan's passion is to guide people in the discovery of their Innate Genius & Joy Essence and Life Experience and the designing of the highest expression of life and work.  Through ghostwriting, editing, word sculpting, creative guidance sessions, marketing, and speaking, she combines intuition, mental acuity, heart connection, creativity, and industry experience to connect with what’s needed, assist clients in aligning with their own inner resources, and help others to believe  in the worthiness of their happiness.  By uncovering the most direct pathways to her own ‘coming alive’ and authentic ‘soul’ life force, Jan has been able to create feel-good choices and discern valuable intricacies sometimes hidden beneath the surface of her clients and her projects. 

Having taken her business on the road throughout California in 2016 for nearly four years, at the end of which her oldest son transitioned, Jan came full circle back to Huntington Beach, California. 1 year later, she launched her Inspired Life Messages Youtube channel and 6 months after that, responded to the call of nature and relocated to the idyllic mountain town of Idyllwild. Vastly lighter, wiser, and more compassionate than the woman of 5 years earlier, she has a deeper connection to the heart, humanity, earth, spirit, energy, and dimensional paradigms. Jan is deepening her professional inspirational & intuitive work with individuals & groups and facilitating their exploration, creation, expansion, & expression of who they see themselves to be in the world. All is for the purpose of helping others raise their frequency, vitality, and core connection, follow their dreams, create new stories, build their businesses and creative endeavors, self actualize, and realize the powerful truth of who they are.

Personally, Jan continues to soar into higher consciousness and spirit connection, dive into deeper intuition and heart-centered living, and expand into fuller passionate self-awareness and creativity, through Access Consciousness, emotion-vibration work, yoga, intuition, nature connection, writing, natural food medicine, body movement and stretching, conscious breath work, meditation, other holistic and spiritual practices, and publishing her co-authored book, INSPIRED to CHANGE.

As a ghostwriter and editor for books, blogs, articles, websites, social media sites, speeches, and client business branding, Jan's work has been published on: Huffington Post, Thrive Global, Natural Society, Renew Magazine, Color Magazine, Addiction Professional, New Directions For Women, Living Fit OC, Holistic Source Radio, and 

Jan has created and contributed to: crowdfunding pages; marketing & promotional copy; business names, taglines, pitches & mission statements; personal bios, profiles & Life Purpose Manifestos; sales scripts; resumes; office manual; job ads; personal correspondence; speaker presentations;  enlightenment quotes; affirmations; poetry; voice messages; and vows.  

​​Listen In!

My Purpose & Specialty


I intuitively and creatively compose, sculpt, and polish your project to capture attention, convey depth and meaning, create richness in feeling, and clearly communicate its essence to your desired reader, viewer, and client. 

Simultaneously, my analytical mind detects out of sync formatting, redundancy, phrasing, and structure elements and gives you the opportunity to allow me to fine tune them.


And, my eagle eyes catch and correct the smallest of details, like missing or duplicate letters, spacing, or punctuation, inconsistent verb tense, pronoun, or person referencing, and flaws in spelling, capitalization, grammar, and punctuation.

Do you need a Creativity or Life Guide?

You're busy.  Maybe you don't like writing. 

Perhaps you love to write and even completed it, but you need someone to cut, sharpen, or polish it. 

Maybe you've procrastinated, or have writer's block,

and now you're facing a deadline.  

Or, you're stuck in traumatic mental-emotional memories.

It be that the story of You is finally ready to come out, and you're a little afraid to take that first step.

Whatever the circumstance, you're here for a reason. 

You came to the right place. I'm not just an editor, ghostwriter, and creativity guide.....

I'm also an Inspired Life Guide! 

Big Breath In.    Let it all out.

I'm here for you.    Let us begin.