Through sheer faith, desire, inspiration,

and a determined refusal to be broken

these individuals created pathways

to change and freedom

where there were none

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INspired Change Is Possible

and it's Happening All Over the World

INspired toChange

is a Co-Authored compilation 

of true experiences,

created and edited by 

The Gifted Ghostwriter

If you would like information, 

or to submit a chapter for co-authorship, please send your request to:

INspired Hope INspires You To Believe

INspired Belief INspires You to Change

Meet the real men and women

who shattered their own beliefs

who looked beyond their perceived limitations, and chose to be

INspired To Change

Let their INspired Changes

INspire You

to discover what you're capable of 

The  Gifted  Ghostwriter & Eagle  Eye  Editor

                                          Content Writer ~ Editor ~ Word Sculptor ~ Writer's Muse

                                 Ghostwriter: noun.  One who writes for and gives credit of authorship to another

INspired ToChange

Spotlights accounts of ordinary people

steeped in extraordinarily excruciating circumstances

INspired from withIN 

to Rise up & Change

by changing their beliefs

about what they thought was possible