​See, Hear, Meet Me in 2017!


Dec 1         Virtual  (Podcast)

​                   "INspired To Change"  - Princess Power Podcast

Nov. 17     Virtual  (WhatsApp Presentation)
                  "Finding Your Purpose - In Life & Business"  

Nov. 3        Long Beach, California

                  Long Beach Holistic Chamber of Commerce HH

Sept. 18     Santa Cruz, California
                   Byron Katie Book Talk


Sept. 12    Long Beach, CA  

                  Long Beach Holistic Chamber of Commerce Mtg


Sept. 12    Santa Ana, CA  

                  Holistic Exhibit of OCEA Health Fair 

Aug. 4        Santa Barbara, CA

Aug 1-3     San Luis Obispo, CA

Jan.-July  Creating for Clients

​                 Relocating to Northern California

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