Haven’t gotten it finished yet? 

You know...

the book, speech, website, blog, social media page,

presentation, business branding, bio, profile, or other project

you’ve been meaning to finish and present, publish, or post LIVE.

You just haven’t had enough time,

or energy,

or creative ideas,

or the right environment,

or the right circumstances to get it done, right?

Or, maybe you haven’t  started it yet. 

Is the stress of your procrastination...or the weight of your self judgement starting to take its toll? 

Let’s be real… you’ve put it off long enough, right? 


Hire The Gifted Ghostwriter – Eagle Eye Editor to work with you

LIVE for the weekend! 

Whether you need an uninterrupted weekend, or an entire week

The Gifted Ghostwriter – Eagle Eye Editor will come to you! 

What DO you need?

A co-writer?

A writer to type as you talk it out?

A muse to inspire you in the creative process?

An intuitive editor to fine tune each section as you type it out?

No matter what you need, or how you need to do it,

The Gifted Ghostwriter – Eagle Eye Editor will help you through it.

There’s a magical alignment and profound connection that takes place

when two or more minds are gathered and motivated

with the intention, focus, and passion to create.

What had seemed like a looming chore, or overwhelming task

soon comes alive in the rich energy of the joint creator space.

So, stop waiting for the right circumstances. 

You’re ready.

Take Advantage of the Gifted Ghostwriter - Editor Special Travel Discount! 

*Discount Package Pricing:  $399 - $999

*Discount Package Pricing applies to 2-3 day stays

and is dependent on the number of hours per day (4 hr/day minimum;  10 hr/day max.) 

*For longer stays, higher pricing applies

*Additional Cost for Lodging:

Choice of Hotel, Air B&B, Room in your home (certain requirements apply)

*Additional Cost for Travel (see below for methods of transportation)

Distance from Central California:

Under 150 Miles, travel by Car - Cost for gas and mileage applies

151 - 450 Miles, travel by Train - Cost for Train and pick up from & return to Train station applies

Over 450 Miles, travel by  Plane - Cost for Plane fare and pick up from & return to Airport applies

The Gifted Ghostwriter – Eagle Eye Editor

Personal, Professional, Promotional

Content Writing, Copy Writing, Creative Editing, Writing Muse

Traveling Ghostwriting - Eagle Eye Editing Services!

"Wow!  What an incredible week for me: traveling, writing, laughing, stretching, healing, discovering, ​eating new things... Oh, and coffee time.  Thank you for being part of it.

It helped me focus on finishing my book, which otherwise might not have happened."

The  Gifted  Ghostwriter ~ Eagle  Eye  Editor

Writing Coach ~ Writer ~ Editor ~ Creativity Muse

Ghostwriter: noun.  One who writes for and gives credit of authorship to another